Quality control

The company pays special attention to the quality control of its products. It is quality control as one of the effective means of achieving the intended goals and the most important management function that contributes to the correct use of existing, as well as created prerequisites and conditions for the production of high quality products. The efficiency of production as a whole largely depends on the degree of perfection of quality control, its technical equipment and organization.
Quality verification functional control contributes to the prevention of defects, their detection at the earliest stages, reducing the volume of low-quality products, reduces the likelihood of additional costs arising from poor control to identify and eliminate various defects in already assembled products. Also, the detection of defects in the early stages can contribute to a change in manufacturing technology.

Modern methods of quality control allow us to achieve high performance. The control and measuring instrument at the enterprise is constantly updated and checked. For the production of serial products, conductors and templates are manufactured.
Records and labeling of all products that have passed the inspection by the controller are kept. If the product is of high quality, it participates in further work. If a defect is detected (deviation from the drawings, poor quality of the product, etc.), a defect certificate is drawn up.
Such a set of measures applied in the course of the company's work excludes the presence of complaints about the quality of products and services rendered.