The workshop includes semiproduct preparation, assembly and welding and repair sites. The semiproduct preparation site prepares parts, semi-products for further machining or assembly. The assembly and welding site carries out the assembly and subsequent welding of metal structures. The assembly of large-sized products is carried out on specialized assembly plates, which allows for high accuracy of products.


JELSINGRAD MVS-3100/32 (MV (c) C) With 3100/32 hydraulic guillotine shears. The maximum thickness is 32 mm. The maximum cross-section length is 3,150 mm. Semi-automatic welding is performed by qualified welders in a carbon dioxide environment, with modern new generation inverter welding semiautomatic Selco machines.

The device features fully digital control of welding dynamics, which provides exceptional control over the welding arc and high performance (current up to 500A).
Welding in MlG / MAG modes with a short circuit / spray transfer allows welding any steel in any spatial position and any thickness. Sawing of profile and round rolled products is carried out on a Pegas CNC 600: band saw machine: cutting length is up to 600 mm, it works in automatic mode.
Cutting of up to 400 mm thick sheet metal is carried out on the Piers PRO 3500. flame cutting machine. It is possible to cut parts of complex configuration with holes and grooves with high precision, which simplifies or even eliminates further processing of parts.

Radial drilling machine RF 51/V.
The reach is up to 3 m, the dimensions of the working area allow drilling holes in large-sized products.
The rollers of the IB-242b carry out rolling of shells from a semi-product with a thickness of up to 40 mm and a length of up to 3,000 mm.
They are equipped with an automatic diameter control system, which allows rolling shells of the correct cylindrical shape.

Mechanical shop:

  • manufacture of components for metal structures, shafts, half-couplings, bearing housings for pulleys;
  • final turning of large-sized products;
  • processing of seating and connecting places of welding products and structures;
  • processing of subframes and adapters of drive blocks, elements of conveyor sections to ensure accurate basing of attached units and elements.

For turning, a modern tool of world-famous manufacturers Pramet, lscar is used, which allows to significantly increase the productivity and quality of processing.

Universal gear milling machine 5KZ28A.
Cutting of sprockets, gears, cylindrical and worm wheels with a diameter up to 1,250 mm and a tooth profile up to MI, is performed in a semi-automatic cycle.

The universal two-post longitudinal planing machine 7231A.
Processing by planing of various surfaces of large-sized products.

Upgraded heavy lathe model 1A660 CNC.
The machine can be used to turn the outer cylindrical surfaces of parts in the centers or faceplate of the headstock and the center of the tailstock, equipped with a CNC system. Processing is performed according to the specified program in semi-automatic mode.

The largest diameter of the processed product:
over the frame - 1,450 mm;
over the support - 900 mm.
The weight of the processed product is up to 25 tons.
The maximum processing length is 6,300 mm.

  • Production of any form of castings from steel and cast iron with a weight of up to 800 kg:
  • hubs;
  • half couplings;
  • bearing housings;
  • other things.

This allows us to cover the entire range of semiproducts of products that are part of the manufactured products. Waste from the main production is used as part of the raw materials.

Currently, one of the priorities at the plant is the direction of major repairs of the drive and bypass pulleys of the belt conveyor. In the process of defecting the imported equipment, a decision is made on the expediency of repairing or manufacturing a new one.

  • When performing repairs, the following types of work are performed:
  • surfacing of worn shaft necks and turning them into a bearing size;
  • replacing of worn covers, labyrinths;
  • manufacturing, if necessary, of new housings for bearings;
  • manufacturing of necessary metalware for pulley assembly.
  • The bearings for assembly are heated by high frequency currents.
    Pulley assembly:
    The 600t puller is designed for disassembling pulleys.
    A force of 600 tons is enough to decompress elements ofpulleys with a diameter of 400 to 1250 mm:
  • removal of half couplings;
  • bearing housings;
  • shaft pressing;
  • dismantling of gearboxes.

Assembly and painting shop is the last shop within a production cycle.

Painting, final assembly and configuration of equipment is performed in the shop. A significant area of the shop allows large-sized assembly of elements and sections of the conveyor to control the connecting dimensions of the assembled structure, accuracy and correctness of manufacture, which ensures consistent quality and reliability of the products.